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Money or Happiness?

Mr. Sean has married Ms. Sony, 7 years ago; they have 1 daughter (Sothea) and 1 son (Sem). Soean is a motor seller (with Mr. Sun) and Sony is a tailor. They are living in Phnom Penh. Before Sony have lived with her aunt Sopheap and her uncle Sarath. She can earn more money from her job because her aunt and uncle are rich (they have a big business). There is no need for her money to support her familiy, after married Sony have some money of her own. Sean did not give his money to Sony for supporting her family and sometimes he takes Sony's money to complete his job too. Sony is very sad because in her family are different with other families (Sean money he keeps and Sony money she support her family).

One day, Sony wants to enlarge jer job, she suggests to her husband to buy a new sewing machine, but her husband said "no money" and Sony replies to her husband that I know you have money, why you not respond in the family like this? And Sean siad my money I keep for job I cannot take out...and I know Oun can do.

Sony told this case to her mother in law (Sos) about her problem with her husband. But Sos did not blame her son (Mr. Sean) and she said that Sean did not take money to play game or give it to another girl, at the time Sideth (Seans brother) support to his mother but Sida confuse to their ideas, she told her mother please do not do like this Mum should speak with bong Sean, at the moment Ms. Sos agree to her daughter's idea.

Sony cannot charge her husbands opinion; she decides to leave her husband and live with her sister (Ms. Sona) in the Siem Reap province. Sem goes with his mother, but Sean and Sonthea they did not know.

When Sony did not stay home, Sean is still lonely he receive his wife letter from Ms. Sina, his neighbors he knows that, he cannot live without his wife, he tries to contact his wife but Sony did not answer the telephone. So he contacts his sister in law (Ms. Sona)and talks with his son by phone. Sean does not know what to do and he goes to meet Mr. Sarath and Ms. Sopheap. They gave some advices to Sean, also Mr. Sarath goes to Seam Reap with Sean for picking up Sony and Sem back home.

At the end Sean understands his mistake. "Money ist not important". He chooses "Happiness".

Translation: Ms. Kem Sokunthy, former radio producer at WMC