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Cambodia Undercover (documentary)

Cambodia Undercover - a documentary about the business with women and young girls - shows openly and genuinely the situation of sex workers/sex slaves far off from the tourist paths.

Not so long ago it was still common for men to be asked openly by moto drivers whether they would like spend time with a young girl. Meanwhile this does not happen any longer. It seems that the laws for the protection of children are stronger and better controlled. The financialy stronger NGO (Non-Govermental-Organizations) - industry has clearly  contributed in these developments and have also made people aware of this problem.

However, with a lot of patience, money and the right connections it is still possible to abuse children. Most of them are Vietnamese children who have fallen into the hands of traffickers. Now they have to serve customers 24/7 in the numerous sordid brothels, and they do not get paid for it.

This clip was created during research activities in Phnom Penh. The girls who sit down successively on the armchair are to "acquired". Costs: 8 - 15 US $, depending on your bargaining skills.

This documentary should not only report about the brutal life of these girls, but also stir things up. The recordings are transmitted to local NGO's, so that suitable measures are taken and the girls are released from these brothels.

For the production of this film a longer stay in Cambodia is necessary to establish the right contacts and to win trust. For this we need your help. If you would like to support this project, we welcome your financial support. Thank you very much!

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